FINABEL negotiations held in Trenčín

On 21 – 22 April, the annual session of the Land Forces Commanders from the EU countries associated in FINABEL was held in Trenčín. Among the topical issues discussed was the future of the land forces, their role in countering the newly emerging security threats in Europe, integration and coordination of security elements of the European Union countries. This was the focus of the speeches made by  State Secretary of the SVK Ministry of Defence Miloš Koterec and 2nd Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the SVK Armed Forces Maj Gen Pavel Macko.

The host of the event, Commnader of the SVK Land Forces  Brig Gen Ondřej Novosad, reminded that, during the Slovak Presidency in FINABEL, the number of the members increased from seventeen to nineteen. It was in Trenčín where Sweden and Hungary acceded to the association. The Commander of the Land Forces emphasized that one of the key tasks for the present year is the formation of the Battle Groups.

After Slovakia, the Presidency is taken over by Portugal. The flag with the emblem of FINABEL, which is viewed as a symbol of the Presidency, was handed over by Brig Gen Ondŕej Novosad to the Portuguese Commander of the Land Forces Gen Carlos Jeroni.

Author: MO SR - Jozef Žiak, mjr. Lenka BUŠOVÁ, Photo: MO SR - Jozef Žiak - Date: 22.04.2015
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