Ministers of Defence Jointly Award Soldiers Returning from Tour in Cyprus

In Nitra, the Minister of Defence of the SR Martin Glváč, together with the Minister of Defence of Cyprus Photis Photiou, awarded the soldiers returning after a one-year tour in UNFICYP, Cyprus. The commemorative medals were presented to 79 members of the Armed Forces of the SR. “I have only encountered a positive response to the job you did. In Sector 4 falling under the Slovak command, you cooperated with your colleagues from Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, and since September even with troops from Ukraine, which cooperation proved to be excellent,” said Glváč.

He emphasized how proud he is of all the Slovak soldiers operating in the international crisis management operations: “Being a soldier is not only about pride, bravery and dedicated service. Unfortunately, being a soldier may often be extremely dangerous, and the tragic events that affected Slovakia this year speak volumes about it.

The Minister of Defence of Cyprus Photis Photiou stressed the excellent relations between the both countries and their departments of defence: “I would very much like to extend my grateful thanks to the Slovak soldiers operating in Cyprus, since their engagement is of a paramount importance for the peacekeeping.

As a token of good relations and as an expression of appreciation of the work performed by the Slovak troops in Cyprus,  the Heads of the Departments of Defence revealed in Nitra a commemorative plaque and jointly planted two trees.

Altogether 157 Slovak soldiers operate in UNFICYP operation. Patrolling in a buffer zone, they prevent possible violations of peace and order. The members of the AF SR serve also in different positions at the Headquarters in Nicosia, in the engineer platoon, in the multinational unit of Military Police or in the mobile unit of Mission Headquarters. The role that military observers – liaison officers play is equally important, their task being negotiation with the representatives of the opposing forces.

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - Ivan Kelement - Date: 26.09.2013
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