Blonde Avalanche 2013

An international command-staff exercise, Blonde Avalanche 2013, involving the TISA Multinational Engineer Battalion, culminated on 12 September at the Váh Water Training Facility in Sereď, attended by Minister of Defence Glváč, CHOD Lt. Gen. Peter Vojtek, 1st Deputy CHOD Maj. Gen. Miroslav Kocian, Deputy CHODs from Hungary, Romania, Ukraine and other officials from the SVK MOD. 

The invited guests viewed the Battalion's dynamic demonstrations, the equipment and weapons in service with the SVK Armed Forces, Fire Fighting and Rescue Services and Civil Defence. Minister of Defence was pleased to conclude: "The Armed Forces demonstrated their excellent readiness and professionalism. I believe that even this type of exercise can make the public realize that the military is needed not only in wartime but also in peacetime. It has its indispensable place in domestic crisis management."

The SVK Armed Forces were represented in the exercise by the Sereď-based Engineer Battalion,  Ružomberok-based ZAMKIS unit, Hlohovec-based Multifunctional Battalion, a brigade-level first aid station, and by some other units.

To mark the end of the exercise, the participating troops stood in formation on a square in Sereď, where the command of the TISA Multinational Engineer Battalion was handed over to the Ukrainian component. Exercise Blonde Avalanche will take place in Ukraine next year.

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - Ivan Kelement - Date: 12.09.2013
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