Revitalization of Former Military Repair Plant

A former Military Repair Plant in Nováky, which is subject to a long-term lease of 20 years to a strategic partner by the defence department, intends to extend its production capacity and create approximately 200 new jobs. The Company MSM Martin allows for a foreign partner to launch production.

"I am glad that the strategic partner undertook to revitalize the company and managed to maintain employment and not only preserve jobs but even create new ones," said the Prime Minister Robert Fico on the occasion of his visit to the plant. The Minister of Defence Martin Glváč confirmed that the current management took over the company MRP Nováky in a critical condition. "Our predecessors in the Strategic Defence Review even considered a possibility to wind up the company. That is why I am most glad that we managed to preserve the plant, that people did not lose their jobs and that inclusion of a strategic partner has proved to be an effective strategy," he said.

Department of defence selected a strategic partner MSM Martin in a public tender. The three criteria were set to evaluate the bids - the amount of a lease, the price for which stocks will be sold and the number of preserved or even newly created jobs. The MSM Martin joined the plant as a strategic partner in January 2013.

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - Ivan Kelement - Date: 05.09.2013
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