Minister commenting on MiGs

Department of Defence headed by Ľubomír Galko consented to cannibalization of fighter aircrat MiG-29. As a result, there were only a few serviceable or functional aircraft and number of flying hours decreased as well, the failure rate of fighter aircraft increased and last, but not least, our country’s safety and nation’s security were jeopardized.

"We have only recently found about the details on the condition in which the fighter aircraft were handed over to us from a document that was viewed as an integral part of the Subscriber Agreement, but in spite of this fact this document could neither be found at the Ministry nor at the Air Force based in Sliač," informed the Minister of Defence of the SR Martin Glváč.

Under the Subscriber Agreement the Russian party was bound to supply spare parts and ensure repair and maintenance in case of a breakdown or malfunction of a fighter aircraft. "This never happened. The former leadership gave consent to the dismantling of our fighter aircraft with the aim to form a pool of spare parts, hence ensuring the required numbers of operational and serviceable aircraft. No one in a leadership position would then insist on performance of the Subscriber Agreement," said the Head of the Defence Department. He stressed out that the current leadership took the necessary measures and confirmed that currently the Slovak Republic has a sufficient number of fully operational fighter aircraft.

"Protection of the airspace of our country is secured and so is our obligation or commitment within NATINADS system," he explained.

The current leadership will have to make a decision whether to make an investment in repairs and maintenance, which could have been provided for a price lower by several million EUR two years ago, and simultaneously to seek solution to the issue of protection of airspace of the SR. Causing a damage to a property owned by the state is an offence justifying commencement of criminal prosecution.

Author: MO SR - KOd, Photo: MO SR - Ivan Kelement - Date: 03.09.2013
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